Zele Company is a design and manufacturing studio of furniture located near Santa Barbara, California. Our in-house designer structure signifies that design develops in tandem with production. As a result each piece is meticulously scrutinized by our designers before leaving the Zele workshop. Having our wood, leather, and metal shop under one roof allows us to create a unique alliance of materials and design.
Mindful of the profound impact design has on the environment and our society, we not only consider the materials we use, but also the method of production, and the designation of the final product. Using responsibly forested hardwoods, vegetable tanned leather, and Stainless steel, we aim to create sustainable designs that transcend the cycles of fashion. In making pieces that can only be handcrafted we champion a Humanist ideal, providing honorable occupation to craftsmen with small amounts of industrial waste and low energy consumption. Averse to throw-away culture, we interpret “living green” as the acquisition of products with the intention of owning and using it for a lifetime.