First of all we are surfers—just like you.

Second of all, we love surf travel—probably just like you too!

We started this company back when ‘green’ was still a color.
It was 2007.
Damn, that’s a long time now.
Still here!
So check it, we couldn’t find any eco surf products.
And we wanted them.
So, we created some.
Hemp boardbags first.
Second we created recycled leashes (dah).
Thirdly we invented cork deckpads.
Then we got tired from all that creativity and went surfing.
Bali, France, Sapin, Brazil, Peru, Oz . . . and lot’s more.
Yea, we’ve been around.
So during all this travel we started using our products.
And changing them as we went (and go).
Cause some things needed to change and get better.
We never stop innovating (that’s just a big word for making shit better).
Oh yea, we got this thing called totally stoked guarantee.
Which means that we will buy you beer if you don’t like out product.
We make lots of people happy, which is very important to us.
We also drink beer with those people we make happy.
Which makes us happy.
Here are some of the people we drink beer with, some call them satisfied customers.
We just call them friends.
We are more than just a surf company, in many ways we are like a big family.
Don’t you want to belong?
Yes you do and we’d love to have you.
Dude, we are called TRIBE for a reason.
So if you like waves and beer.
Then you are a good match.
Thanks for dropping in (hehe) on Wave Tribe!Wave Tribe CrewP.S. Read our story here about how it all started.

P.P.S. We’d love to hear from you, leave us some love.