At The Winehound, our motto is: “Plenty of space for wine, but no room for snobbery…”

At our shop, the search for exceptional wines crosses the globe, spans the seas, and sometimes forces us to wander to the back warehouse to see what’s laying around…

In our dogged endeavor to find the best vino on the planet, we’ll taste a boatload of the abhorrent and undrinkable, and ferret out all those mediocrities to protect you from their barnyardy, acidic, fruitless assault-then we’ll show you our chosen favorites, the good stuff: absolutely no mutts, just the pick of the litter!

We’re honored to have been voted “Best Wine Shop” for the last three years by readers of John Dickson’s website, and for the last four years in the Santa Barbara Independent’s annual “Best Of” poll.

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