Karen Duncum, MA, MPEC, founded StarPerformance Coaching/Consulting as a result of the need she saw, first-hand, in corporate America in her 25-years in Executive Positions. From Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of a multi-state organization to Corporate Consultant to Executive and Personal Coach to Psychotherapist, Karen has worked with thousands of people in companies large and small to facilitate their reaching their potential and to foster their peak level contribution to their company’s goals and objectives.

Born out of her desire to facilitate bottom-line growth for both individuals and organizations, Karen created the leading comprehensive Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Enhancement program on the market today. Her Emotional Intelligence presentations to groups of company leaders resulted in her creating programs in Executive Effectiveness through Emotional Intelligence. These programs include Leadership Development, Individual Star Performance Workshops and Coaching, Group Coaching, Dyad Coaching, Teambuilding, Meeting Facilitation, Conflict Resolution Workshops and Coaching, and Critical Skills Coaching. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and an MPEC with the College of Executive Coaching